Create Your Own Cleanup!

You are absolutely welcome to schedule your own cleanup with a private group, or even by yourself! You could pick the area or we can select one in close proximity to you by contacting local officials about which areas are in need of help. You and your friends can go off on your own or we could accompany you!

    • With our Members: If you are hoping to schedule an event with our assistance, it would have to be after 3:30 PM on a weekday or on Saturday. This way, we could show your group the ropes and help you get going.

    • Without our Members: If you are hoping to have a clean-up during the school day (8:30-3:30), we unfortunately would not be able to accompany you. Or, if you wish to host an event without our attendance, you are welcome to. We would be able to provide you with all materials needed, help you choose a location if you don’t already have one in mind, and schedule a virtual meeting prior for any questions or concerns, particularly with trash collection at the end of the event.

      1. If you wish to host a clean-up during the school day AND have assistance from Clean Up - Give Back, please see our parent organization's website here

    • Attention: After choosing a location, if you wish us to expand the event to the community to get more hands on deck, please let us know! Otherwise, the event will be private.