Drive Gallery

District-Wide Earthquake Relief Clothing Drive

Make sure to donate to our Earthquake Relief Clothing Drive at Maine East, South, or West! All proceeds will be dropped off at the IQRA International Educational Foundation and/or Turkish Consulate in Chicago and shipped overseas. Help victims in Turkey and Syria while keeping goods in circulation!

*Stay tuned for the results at the end of March! :)

In the meantime, please scroll down to see some of our past drives! 

District-Wide Goodwill Drive

We collected several binfuls from all Maine Township High Schools, diverting gently used goods from the landfill and putting them back in circulation. Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to NHS and Key Club for making this possible!

Plastic Bag Drive

Thank you Maine East for helping us collect 40 lbs of plastic bags! We hope to host the drive again next semester, expanding it to Maine West and Maine South.

Gently Used Toy and Book Drive

A big thank you to Maine West's Key Club for partnering with us to host this drive! We were able to collect a large bin of toys, donating it to Toys for Tots before the holidays.