Maine Township Environmental Coalition 

Hello! We’re MTEC, a group of high school students from District 207 (Maine East High School, Maine South High School, and Maine West High School). We advocate for institutional change through the exploration of more sustainable district policies and contribute to environmental alleviation through forest, park, campus, and city clean-ups.  For the 22/23 year, we are hoping to have at least one major clean-up per month in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. We will provide all supplies necessary: water, vests, garbage bags, grabbers, signage, etc. Feel free to invite others to participate in the impactful activity of removing hundreds of pounds of trash from beloved local areas! Additionally, as a chapter, we host drives that allow students and staff to recycle/donate unwanted items, offering an alternative to the landfill. Please check out our events to see what we have coming up, and check out our Drive Gallery to explore our former donation campaigns! 

Through joining us in one of our cleanups, you’re simultaneously earning service hours and contributing to an impactful activity that keeps your hometown beautiful, while having fun with your friends, family, or meeting new people who share your passion. 

If you’re interested in cleaning up an area you have in mind on your own or with a private group, wish to host a school or company clean-up campaign, or hope to introduce others to concepts regarding sustainability and environmental action, please check out our programs page to learn more!

We hope to see you out there, and for those that do join us, we appreciate your effort in helping the environment. You really are making a difference! :)

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*See an area in need? Click here to let us know!